• CLIENT : Danbee 360
  • SKILLS : Maya, Photoshop, Zbrush, Sketfab
  • DATE : 20/07/2018

VR Idol

We call this piece ‘Idol’.
The latest artwork in the VR project
Member : 3D Artist Quoc Anh Pham
We started learning grooming and proper skin shading last month and made this project to apply what I’m learning.
We began by sculpting on a base mesh in Zbrush, details were sculpted manually in Zbrush and enhanced using TexturingXYZ tillable maps. and made the texturing by projection on Mari.
The hair was made with Xgen. The clothes was made in Marvelous Designer, reto and model in 3dsmax, textured (clothes) in Substance Painter.
And the final result is rendered in Maya / Vray.
Final shot comps in Photoshop
We want to give many thanks to my friend Duy Thai and Trung Hieu, He helped me a lot getting feedback about sense of art
And want to give many thanks to talented artist : Alexa XU, Dan Roarty, Galal Mohey, Jung won Park.. was inspire to me alot during i working “Idol”

Hope you like it !

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